VOIP Phone Systems & SIP Trunking for Businesses

Enhance your legacy PBX or new phone system with the latest in VoIP technology with ESI Hosted Services SIP Trunking. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking converges your existing telephone infrastructure onto your data network for high quality voice communications. By removing all or just a few of your expensive analog phone lines, your business will experience immediate cost savings of up to 50% in most cases.

Value Proposition

  • Lowered cost by eliminating the phone company’s analog lines & feature plans
  • Lowered cost for outbound long distance calling
  • Easy expansion into hybrid PBX & hosted IP PBX services
  • Fast deployment within four business days compared to 30 days by the phone company
  • Dependable, high quality & consistent service

Simply put, SIP Trunking combines voice and data traffic onto a single network, enabling customers to get more life and improve their legacy analog systems, while providing productivity-enhancing features and services that pave the way for the next generation of technology.

SIP Trunking works with existing PBX systems

  • All of the PBX system features are retained.
  • Phone system operation remains EXACTLY the same as today
  • No retraining of employees on the calling features or system functionality.
  • No need to invest in costly TDM gateway equipment.
  • No equipment changeover or disruption to services.

SIP Trunking provides measurable business benefits with streamlined, cost-effective telephone service, linking your system with another by riding your dedicated Internet connection. Now you can connect to significant savings on long-distance, international calls, exceptional quality and seamless reliability—your link to telecommunications innovation.

We offer two types of SIP Trunking integration

  • SIP Trunking — Legacy PBX Integration (see diagram 1)
  • SIP Trunking — IP PBX Integration (see diagram 2)
Legacy PBX Integration
IP PBX Integration