SIP Trunking For Business

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SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a communications protocol that was originally designed for the Internet back in 1996. It works with other Internet protocols to create the technical underpinnings of Unified Communications. In essence, SIP ensures that voice, video, text messaging and screen sharing all work together, creating a seamless communications experience.

SIP is great if you want to collaborate easily with people in other locations. Additionally, SIP enables calls to be directed to the right person – allowing for faster decision making and happier customers.

Another key benefit of SIP is presence. For instance, it allows you to see whether the person you want to talk to is available, an enormously helpful feature. Also, you can set your SIP presence to display as available or busy; set the system to call all of your phones at once or define the order in which they are called; and create rules to treat calls uniquely depending on where they originated and what time they were received.

The product most widely described as a SIP product is SIP trunking; these trunks connect your voice systems across the wide area network. Your business can rent SIP trunks from most carriers as a cost-effective alternative to voice lines. You can also interconnect SIP systems by carrying the calls as prioritized traffic on an MPLS network.

SIP is the technology behind flexible and cost-effective communications systems that help staff and customers stay connected and productive. Schedule a time here: for a no-obligation analysis to find out whether SIP systems would benefit your organization.

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