ESI Desktop Feature Phones

ESI Desktop Feature Phones

The 48-Key Feature Phone — available in Digital, (local) IP, and Remote IP versions — is ideal for most active phone users. Its many keys will let you take full advantage of your ESI system’s productivity-boosting capabilities, and its optional 60-Key Expansion Console puts an additional 60 programmable keys at your command. The 24-Key Digital Feature Phone is a great fit for lower-traffic regular users, while the 12-Key Digital Feature Phone is designed for occasional users and areas such as lobbies, warehouses or waiting rooms.

For workers who can’t stay at their desks but still need one-key access to powerful ESI phone features, ESI Cordless Handsets come in two sizes.

ESI’S desktop feature phone gives you help at the press of a key. ESI’s comprehensive Verbal User Guide™ makes IVX the easiest business phone system you’ve ever used. Just press the HELP key and the interactive Verbal User Guide even provides a complete tutorial — along with a friendly “Good morning.” Improve your business communication with ESI’s integrated voice mail. Easily accessible by using the distinctive, blue VOICE MAIL key on most ESI Feature Phones.

Feature Phone Model Types

ESI desktop phone models, left to right: 48-Key Digital Feature Phone, 24-Key Digital Feature Phone, 48-Key Digital Feature Phone with optional 60-Key Expansion Console, 12-Key Digital Feature Phone, Remote IP Feature Phone.

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